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Buy Language Tutorials - StoreFrench, Informal French, Italian, Spanish, German, Swedish, and Dutch Language Tutorials are now available for purchase in PDF format with mp3s through . You will receive free lifetime updates to the e-books, including audio files, as they are made available.

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If you are learning French and want a complete overview of French grammar and vocabulary with informal ways of speaking, cultural information about France, as well as audio files so you can read and listen to French at the same time, then French Language Tutorial is the product for you.

French Language Tutorial is a PDF e-book that includes:

  • over 200 pages of grammar and vocabulary topics, sample sentences, informal ways of speaking, and cultural information about France,
  • an overview of French pronunciation for English speakers with use of the International Phonetic Alphabet symbols,
  • over FIVE HOURS of audio (209 mp3s) recorded by three native speakers so you can learn pronunciation of each word and sentence,
  • extended vocabulary lists that reach beyond introductory or even intermediate French courses, especially with respect to cultural vocabulary specific to certain situations that students or expatriates in France may experience, and
  • an alphabetical index

This new edition has been redesigned in an order that encourages progression and repetition of language skills over time. Many of the vocabulary lists include cross-references to similar topics for easier review of previously learned vocabulary.

Purchase of French Language Tutorial also includes FREE lifetime updates to the e-book and mp3s!

(including the table of contents.)

Learn the informal and spoken French of France that is often missing from grammar books and textbooks!

Informal and Spoken French is a PDF e-book (over 200 pages!) that includes:

  • reductions in speech in informal conversation,
  • differences in grammar between formal and informal language,
  • colloquial and slang vocabulary for common topics,
  • fill-in-the-blank exercises and transcripts for 61 audio files of spontaneous, unrehearsed French,
  • numerous realia images and photos taken in France, Belgium, and Switzerland of public signs, menus, brochures, etc. so you can see how French is used in real life,
  • nearly TWO hours of audio files (91 mp3s) by several native speakers of European French.

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