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Drupal taxonomy settingsOne of Drupal's best features is taxonomy. This tutorial gives an introduction on how to use Drupal's taxonomy system.

New users to Drupal sometimes find taxonomy difficult to understand at first. I recommend reading all the way through this tutorial once. If the first part doesn't make sense, I hope that it will by the end.

Taxonomy can be thought of as categories or tags.Drupal taxonomy vocabulary 1 Drupal taxonomy is made up of vocabularies and terms. A vocabulary is a set of terms and terms are just another word for categories.

The image below is from the taxonomy (categories) page located at

Let's build the taxonomy for a news site as an example. First click on the Add vocabulary tab. You will then see a screen that looks something like the following image:

For Vocabulary name type in News. For Description enter Categories that fall in the news section of the site.New vocabulary added For Help text, enter Please choose a section of the Web site for this news story.

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