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El Lago del Bosque is a summer program but is also a 365 days of an experience, we live an endless summer! Keep checking the blog for information about our programs and the village, watch new videos and photos of the summer to remember good times and also keep learning Spanish and more about the Spanish-speaking world. Don't forget our FB page: El Lago del Bosque Spanish Language Village and our Instagram: @ellagodelbosquesummer. Porque El Lago del Bosque es un programa de verano...

We want to thank all of the villagers of SB02 for their energy, smiles and their efforts in learning the language and more about our represented cultures! We also say hasta luego, because at El Lago del Bosque we never say adiós... ¡Hasta Luego SB02!

Tertulias are the small learning language groups where the villagers learn español. Throughout this 2 weeks, some of the themes were salud, deportes, profesiones, naturaleza, familia, vida ciudadana y comunidades del mundo.

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