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advanced spanish conversationTired of having the same old “getting to know you” chats?

Then it might be time to step things up a notch.

If you’re already able to comfortably chat away about where you’re from, what you do and how long you’ve been learning Spanish, then it won’t take much to turn an average conversation into something more exciting.

So, skip over “¿de dónde eres?” and follow these tips to pave your way towards amazingly advanced Spanish conversation.

Conditionals Are Great for Advanced Spanish Conversation

2Remember when you learned the past tense and were suddenly able to discuss a whole new dimension of things? Suddenly you could talk about anything you’d done previously, which is a lot.

Well, getting to grips with conditionals and learning to use them in conversation is similar. You can also give yourself an extra pat on the back for being so incredibly advanced these days and, like, sooo over the past tense.

Adding “ifs” into your conversation allows you to talk about an imaginary world of hypotheticals, which is incredibly useful for having an interesting conversation that isn’t firmly stuck in the present. Perhaps you don’t like your current job, and if you had just a bit more experience – si tuvieras un poco más de experiencia – you would change it – lo cambiarías.

That’s much more satisfying than just saying you don’t like it, right?

Conditionals are also one of the points that many advanced Spanish learners struggle with. You have two options to learn them: you could sit at home and study a grammar book, or you could try them out as you chat. A combination of the two is likely to be your best bet.

hot tips and 48 smokin' phrases for amazingly advanced spanish conversationHere are a few conditional phrases to get your imagination (and your conversation) in gear:

¿Si pudieras ser una persona famosa por un día, a quien elegirías? — If you could be a famous person for one day, who would you choose to be?

¿Si tuvieras un millón de dólares, que harías? — If you had a million dollars, what would you do?

¿Si pudieras viajar a cualquier lugar en el mundo, donde irías? — If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

hot tips and 48 smokin' phrases for amazingly advanced spanish conversation¿Si fueras presidente, que cambiarías? — If you were the president, what would you change?

Conversation Topics for Advanced Spanish Conversation

As well as sneaking conditionals in wherever possible, it’s good to have a few conversation topics up your sleeve in case of any awkward gaps in conversation, or in those moments where all your Spanish suddenly flies out of your head and you’re left tongue-tied.

Try memorizing a couple of phrases and questions you find interesting, and you should be able to talk your way out of any sticky situation.


Music is something almost everyone has an opinion on, and can tell you a lot about your conversation partner.

Useful phrases and vocabulary about music include:

el disco entero — the whole album

el recital — the gig

l estribillo — the chorus

la estrofa — the verse

pegajoso — catchy

el éxito — the hit

grandes éxitos — greatest hits

You could say: el estribillo es muy pegajoso pero la estrofa es medio aburrida, igual, es definitivamente el éxito del verano — the chorus is really catchy but the verse is a bit boring. Anyway, it’s definitely the hit of the summer.

Useful questions about music you might like to ask are:

¿Si pudieras formar un súper grupo, quién formaría parte de él? — If you could form a supergroup, who would be in it?

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