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How much time do you spend on YouTube? Answer honestly. If you’re anything like me then it’ll be more that you’d care to admit to. Well, that time can be made useful if you’re watching videos in your target language. I’m not just talking about the amazing range of people teaching languages on YouTube. Nuh uh. This post is all about Spanish YouTubers talking about normal everyday things, making normal everyday videos in español. Ready to find your new favourite Spanish YouTuber?
10 Essential Spanish YouTubers to Help You Learn Spanish Lindsay Does Languages Blog


Hola Soy German is one of the most successful YouTuber ever. Like, ever. Seriously. With almost 24 million subscribers, he is the second most subscribed to person on YouTube with only PewDiePie having more subscribers. Hola Soy German is more popular than Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Ellen DeGeneres…it’s insane. So, you know, he kinda deserves to be on this list.

His videos are funny, frank, and FAST. Really fast. But, hey, don’t worry! Even if you’re in the early stages of your Spanish learning, you can still enjoy watching, maybe getting a joke or two, and planning for the day you’ll understand what the heck he’s going on about. And if you do understand what the heck he’s going on about then you can count Hola Soy German videos as a thing to revisit as you keep improving.


Anpother mega popular YouTube channel is the English channel Smosh, where you can find comedy videos for Pokémon and pop culture fans. The good news for us? El Smosh exists. Yup. Seriously. The most popular videos from Smosh can also be found on ElSmosh en español.

Why is this great? Well, you can cross-reference both channels. If you don’t quite understand everything in an ElSmosh video, you can see if it’s also on Smosh and watch the English version to compare. It’s like a language learning comedy factory.

There’s an Adventure Time video, so naturally, that’s the one I’m going to share. Mathematical!

And when you’re done, here’s the English version.

Clevver TeVe

Not technically a “YouTuber” but if celebrity gossip is your jam, then this is the channel for you. Another one with a popular English language counter-part, ClevverTeVe is packed with regularly updated videos about celebrity chit-chat, interviews, and honest trailers.

It may sound like a visual edition of Heat magazine but the videos are short and the language predictable seeing as you have an idea of what (or who) they’re talking about.

This would be a great choice for intermediate learners looking for an entertaining way to practise and progress.


With 11 million subscribers, it’s fair to say that Yuya is definitely big on YouTube. What sort of videos can you expect? Think Spanish language + Zoella and you’re half way there. Beauty, fashion, food, and a pug. Very cutesy.

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