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conversational spanishWant to learn Spanish fast? Feeling overwhelmed yet? Stop over-complicating things! Depending on your goals, you may be able to simplify your studies and just focus on the basics of conversational Spanish. Here are five tips from online Spanish tutor

If you’re reading this, congratulations! You have decided to learn one of the most beautiful and useful languages: Spanish!

As you’ve probably recognized so far, there are lot of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation rules to remember. How do you keep yourself motivated — and avoid getting overwhelmed — when there’s so much to learn? Depending on what your goals are, you may be able to simplify your learning to just conversational Spanish. Here are five things you can actually stop doing to make your time more efficient.

1. Learning Useless Vocabulary

Stop trying to learn complicated and specific words. Words such as melancolía (melancholy), etéreo (ethereal), and iridescente (iridescent) are not going to come up in day-to-day Spanish. Knowing these types of words will help you as you advance in the language, but not so much while in casual conversation.

Instead, focus on vocabulary you’re likely to use regularly. Benny over at Fluent in 3 Months has some great tips in his article on common mistakes new language-learners make (see fix #4).

Also, consider learning idioms. Tomar el pelo (“to take the hair”) is a phrase that expresses surprise, de sol a sol (“from sun to sun”) means “all day long, ” and matarse trabajando (“to kill oneself working”) is “to work very hard.” These idioms are almost guaranteed to be in a casual conversation. If you master idioms, you are more likely to understand and be understood when speaking Spanish.

2. Watching Children’s TV Shows

Children’s TV shows deal with very basic vocabulary used in very simple conversations. While they can be an amazing resource in your very early stages of learning, ultimately, watching these shows will not lead you to Spanish fluency.

Montserrat P.If you really want to become fluent, go for more advanced programming, and turn the Spanish audio and subtitles on. By doing this, you will gain the necessary listening training to be able to sustain a Spanish conversation. Additionally, you have the chance to read the subtitles of the show, which guarantees you will understand every word the characters are saying. (And if you don’t recognize a word, look it up!)

Even though watching your favorite TV show in Spanish with subtitles on may not sound all that fun, it is one of the most efficient ways to get your brain used to this new language. Listening and reading Spanish will help you to solidify your bases before you move on to face-to-face conversation. Plus, you get to watch your favorite TV show as homework. Doesn’t sound that bad anymore, does it?

3. Reading Too Much

While reading helps you to develop a wide vocabulary, do not spend all your time on it. Your conversational Spanish will not be taught to you by books alone; you need to get out there and practice!

So, instead of spending two hours of your day reading, dedicate one hour to your books and one hour to the people around you. Find a friend from your Spanish class and have some coffee together. Working one-on-one with a Spanish tutor is another great idea, as it forces you to fit in time for practice. The most important thing is for you to get those conversations going. After all, practice makes perfect!

4. Studying Alone

Studying Spanish by yourself can be very useful when it comes to understanding the grammar and learning new words, as you are able to study the language at your own pace, placing emphasis on those areas that give you the most trouble.

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