Learn Spanish - Fast and Free

Learn Spanish fast and free

This is the place where you'll find learning Spanish made easy. The free multimedia lessons will have you speaking and conversing in Spanish before you know it. Our generous amount of free lessons will let you try the course before you buy. However, the free lessons will teach you to speak Spanish without having to pay anything.

Customer Testimonial

"I really enjoy the Visual Link Spanish course. I find the computer lessons to be really easy to use, friendly and helpful and I'm learning a lot. I'm using them to practice speaking Spanish with friends who also are beginning Spanish speakers. I was a little hesitant to buy a program via computer; not sure it would be high quality. However, I was very impressed - the Visual Link Spanish Level I is even better than I expected it to be so I'm really looking forward to getting the next level."

~ Julia Carol

Learning Spanish Made Easy - Using The Following Great Techniques

  • You will learn Spanish words by watching individual moving images that connect to each word, stimulate the brain and enhance learning potential.
  • The words are in a yellow font with a black background. This combination has been proven to increase memory and retention.
  • The words are separated into groups that can be put together to construct sentences (watch the following methodology demo to see how this works).

Learn about the method that allows you to learn to speak Spanish free in an easy, fun and effective way.

The Magic Behind the Method

If you go through the lessons on this website, you can see for yourself that you will actually learn to speak Spanish. After you do start learning Spanish here, be sure and tell others about Visual Link® and this website.

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