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listening to spanish audio lessonsListening to Spanish can be fun and fulfilling in your journey to mastering the Spanish language at home, while you’re driving, while you’re working out, or any other daily activity. But before we talk more about this, I want to give you some insight into listening to Spanish. This may sound a little abrubt but its the honest truth.

Listening to Spanish can sometimes be a cop-out to actually sitting down and learning Spanish.

Why? Because its easier than the other modes of learning. You’re simply listening and soaking it in. You’re not having to force your brain to really identify with visual objects. You don’t have to respond vocally to anyone. Your brain is not being tested to conjugate any verbs or form any sentences. It’s important to remember that learning Spanish is not about checking it off your to-do list for the day. Its not about posting something on Facebook telling people how you just knocked out your Spanish lessons for the day. Its not about snapping an Instagram photo of you listening to a lesson of Spanish.listening to spanish Learning Spanish is a personal triumph – involving no winners. Its just you and your brain learning to communicate and see the world in a whole new light. I know, this sounds all spiritual and crap, but its the truth.

So, back the point. If you’re just using Spanish audio lessons to fulfill your Spanish learning quest, you’re only going to learn about 10% of Spanish and you for sure will not get the point of speaking in Spanish. Its one small piece of the holistic pie.

how to say thank you in spanishHOWEVER, its an extremely important piece of the Spanish learning pie. Here’s a few reasons why.

Learn to Hear Voice Intonations and Fluctuations

One of the most frustrating things for me, a native English speaker who learned Spanish, is to hear other Spanish as a second language speakers completely suck at pronunciation. Pronunciation of double r’s, failure to emphasize hyphenated letters in certain words, and so on. These little verbal aspects ARE Spanish. When you leave them out or skip trying to say them correctly, you actually say words that have nothing to do with the sentence you’re trying to convey.learn-spanish-formal-vs-informal Use listening to Spanish as a way to really hear how the Spanish speakers are using their voices and emotions when pronouncing words and sentences.

Visualizing People, Objects, Emotions, and Scenarios

As much as visual identification is important to vocabulary learning, seeing the conversations WITHOUT any visuals is equally important. If you’re talking to someone in Spanish on the phone or listening to someone in Spanish on the phone, you need to be able to visualize what they’re telling or asking you. If you can’t, there’s no point – might as well hang the phone up. When you’re listening to Spanish, really try and see the object or situation when you hear the words coming from someone else. Don’t just tune them out like a song. Think of audio learning like a dream you’re having. This will not only help you learn Spanish faster but it will make your Spanish audio learning lessons much more complete and memorable.

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