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Emotional, direct, insightful and passionate – What most interests you about the Spanish language? Is it the culture that shapes our perception of the language? Are you intrigued by the fiery dances like Tango and Salsa, the beautifully diverse landscapes of Latin America, the endless fiestas, or the spicy culinary specialities? Whatever inspired you to start learning the language, we are here to accompany you in that journey while at the same time bringing you insightful and unique perspectives from the Spanish-speaking world. After all, Spanish is the official language of twenty countries, spoken by over 450 million people worldwide…and it’s growing.

20 countries – 20 worlds – The title of our magazine, VeinteMundos, comes from the fact that Spanish is the official language of twenty different countries worldwide, each possessing its own unique cultural landscape. With our free online Spanish language magazine, we aim not only to bring you the Spanish language but also a feeling for the cultural diversity that exists across the Spanish-speaking world. Instead of reproducing tired clichés, we focus on authentic reporting drawn from real life situations. In addition to fascinating stories from our journalists about the culture and society, we provide you with inside views on daily life in Latin America and Spain.

Practice your Spanish for free with VeinteMundos – In addition to the articles, VeinteMundos provides you with a simplified summary, integrated vocabulary support and helpful explanations of selected terms. Each article is also accompanied by an audio version read by a native speaker. Simultaneously reading and listening allows for a holistic learning approach and helps improve comprehension greatly. The audio files are also available as free podcasts. Moreover, in the multimedia area, you will find extensive additional information about the topic. For an overview of all of our learning tools and resources please click here.

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