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Learn Spanish Words online

Learn Spanish Words online

Official Name: República Oriental del Uruguay Population: 3.4 million (2009) Capital: Montevideo Area: 176, 215 km² (68, 037 sq miles) Currency: Peso (UYU) National Holiday: 25 August Calling Code: +598 Time Zone: UTC -3 GDP: Total – US$40.577 billion (2010) GPD: Per Capita – US$12, 088 The Spanish Language in Uruguay The Spanish spoken in Uruguay is very similar to that spoken…

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Online Spanish program

Online Spanish program

Spanish isn t a foreign language anymore Spanish is the most spoken non-English language in the United States, and on a global scale it s second only to Mandarin with more than 37 million speakers. Bilingual speakers are better able to tolerate differences and find solutions to conflict, which is an advantage to your personal and professional development. Learning Spanish develops…

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