Basic Spanish Course

Basic Spanish course

From $55 for a Half Day Course Learning Spanish if you're traveling in Latin America is the best investment you can make as a tourist

The cost of a Travelers Spanish Course depends on the amount of hours you sign up for and if you have private lessons, mini group lessons (minimum of two and can begin on any day of the week) or group lessons.

Depending on availability, classes can be scheduled in the morning or afternoon in a 1 - 5 day timeframe. Learning Spanish if you're traveling in Central & South America is the best investment you can make as a tourist: we guarantee it!

At Habla Ya we know it's not easy to pay for something that you haven't seen, in a far distant country, miles and miles away, so you can save your spot with just a $99 deposit and PAY THE REST UPON ARRIVAL! After you, we'll confirm your booking details via email and send you a secure link to reserve your spot. Your $99 deposit will count towards tuition - Spanish lessons, or in case of "no-show" or cancellation within 1 week of start date, will be considered a cancellation fee. Just as most small businesses, we're greatly impacted by last minute cancellations, as it's difficult to assign your spot to someone else, so please let us know asap if your plans change and we'll reimburse your $99 if you let us know with at least 7 days in advance of your start date.
Group Lessons Mini Group Lessons Private Lessons
4 Hours $55 $75 $95
10 Hours $135 $175 $225
15 Hours $195 $325
20 Hours $255 $305 $395

Prices are in US Dollars.

If you're traveling with a group we can arrange a Spanish for Travelers course for all of you. If you're traveling by yourself you'll probably have to sign up for private lessons if you want to have a Spanish for Travelers course. Please Contact Us and we will let you know if there are any groups intending to have the same course on dates near to you but if you prefer a group we would highly recommend joining our Group 4 Course.

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