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Spanish Lesson Plans for KidsDeveloped by creative and experienced educators, this award-winning curriculum of 40 lessons engages children in fun, interactive, age-appropriate activities, such as creating puppets, following recipes, conducting experiments, and playing board games. In addition to Spanish, the curriculum includes cross-curricular lessons in math, science, and physical education.

Beginning with Lesson 1 Who am I? (¿Quién soy?), the lessons flow in a logical progression of thematic units (Colors, Numbers, Shapes, Places, Around the House, Clothing, Seasons, Parts of the Body, Positional Words, Food, Family, Animals, and Descriptive Words), culminating in a fiesta. Lessons identify clear goals and learning objectives as well as extension activities that are designed to enhance children’s appreciation of Spanish culture. The lessons emphasize the development of proficiency in speaking and listening, with play-based assessments included to allow educators to evaluate student progress.

Spanish Lesson Plans for Kids is an adventure in learning for teachers and students!

Ages: PreK/Early Elementary

Length: 277 pages

Product Reviews

“[T]he lesson plans work well for parents that may not know the language. Thus, you can learn right along with your students!”
Ann Simpson,

“…the Whistlefritz Spanish curriculum is a wonderful way to get kids started on the pathway to learning Spanish…”
Renae at More Than Mommy, October 13, 2013

“…the most effective way for children to engage with Spanish…”
Jennifer Brunk, Spanish Playground, October 2013

“…perfect for parents, grandparents, and caregivers…”
Monica Olivera, @LatinMami,, August 21, 2013

“…indispensable for providing children and students with educational activities to further their knowledge and understanding of Spanish…”

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