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In February, 2011, the general secretary of the Association of Spanish Language Academies said that by 2050, ten percent of the world's population will speak Spanish, and the United States will be the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. By then, ten percent of the population will equate to nearly one billion people.

Now is the time to prepare your kids for this shift in global linguistics. Children born over the next 10 to 20 years will be graduating from college, entering the workforce, and building their careers by the time 2050 rolls around. You may ask yourself why it matters for your child to study Spanish if that's not your native language. Learning Spanish at an early age, and continuing with it through to adulthood, will have several benefits for your child, from higher grades to higher paying jobs. If you want more advantages for your kids, Spanish is the key. Here's how.

Bilingual Kids Perform Better in SchoolKids Should Study Spanish Earlier For Better Results

Children learn language from their parents and the other people around them. You speak to your kids from the time they're born, even before they're able to respond in kind. This is how we all learn to communicate–by listening, and then repeating what we hear. This is the same way your child will learn to speak Spanish.

As a child grows, his brain is collecting information at a phenomenal rate, forming new synapses and building memories. Prior to the age of about ten, when this development begins to slow, children are especially adept at learning new things, particularly language. The earlier a child begins studying languages, the faster–and the more languages–he can learn.

Bilingual Kids Perform Better in School

Because learning more than one language requires the brain to develop more neural connections, most children who speak more than one language perform better on literacy tests. In addition, studies have shown that children who are bilingual also have superior problem-solving skills – the proverbial ability to "think outside the box."

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