Spanish For Kids

Learn how to speak Spanish for kids?

Learn how to speak Spanish for kids?

Last week, Chelsea Kyle shared on our Facebook page an excellent opinion piece by New York Times columnist, Nicholas D. Kristof, titled The point he cleverly, and even bravely, makes is that even though Chinese is growing in popularity as the language of choice for parents who want to give their children an educational advantage, Spanish is the language every child in the United…

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Spanish tutoring online free for kids

Spanish tutoring online free for kids

The way we started our search was just by Goggling “Spanish tutor online” (or “Spanish tutor via Skype”). A lot of schools popped up, many of them were based in Guatemala and Ecuador. We have changed three schools and three teachers since our first time, and here are 10 things we learned from our experience: 1. Look for a school that has experience working with children. It…

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Spanish lessons kids

Spanish lessons kids

You have been added to the waitlist. If a spot opens and we are able to accommodate you, you will be contacted by the location. The class has been added to your cart. Add another class or a birthday party to your cart and get special discounts. Considering registering for a few classes this semester? Your first class will be regular price, but every subsequent class will receive…

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