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our spanish interactive notebooks (1)I have put together some samples from my Spanish I interactive notebooks here. It is still very much a work in progress! My first year using them basically made me an expert on what NOT to do.

This year, I am finally throwing out the textbook and officially transitioning to a proficiency-based, comprehensible input-driven classroom. It’s exhilarating and scary: some days I feel like every social media group for Spanish Teachers is telling me I’m doing it wrong.. Regardless, here’s a peek into what I’ve come up with, and hopefully you can find some useful ideas or at least a starting place from which to create your own notebooks. My goal isn’t to create student-made textbooks. These notebooks specifically reflect the content we come up with and the direction our learning takes us.

Our ISN is meant to help us be organized with materials, respond to and interpret meaningful input, and make any time spent on grammar efficient. It allows me to orient our learning to what the students need and what motivates them, and gives them ownership of their acquisition process.

I plan to blog about most of the pages pictured here, so eventually most or all of the images will be clickable with a link that explains more about how I use them. Many of these will also be available at my TpT store. I appreciate your support and would love for you to check out my resources.

I’ve organized the pages by sections for easier viewing. Just click on which section you’d like to see!

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