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Would you like to learn to speak conversational Spanish? If so, we have your answer. Our free lessons are designed to assist you in speaking conversational Spanish. After the first 12 minutes of the free lessons below, you'll already be able to assemble sentences in Spanish. Please try the lessons and see for yourself.

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"I can't tell you how impressed I am with the Visual Link Spanish program. It is easy, engaging, effective, and, most of all, fun. As a teacher myself (MA Secondary Ed - 35 years experience teaching HS and Jr. HS), I congratulate Visual Link Spanish on a superb program focusing on a most common sense way to learn a language."

~ Dave Steigerwalt

A Great Solution that Works

These free lessons will assist you as you . The Visual Link® Spanish course (both extensive free demo lessons as well as the full Spanish course which is available for purchase) was shaped with conversation in mind. The creator, Dave Clark, taught Spanish at the university level and became frustrated when the curriculum he was required to use taught all sorts of things about Spanish - except teaching the student conversational Spanish. He built a team of linguists and fashioned a course that would help people learn to speak conversational Spanish. Please try these lessons and see how well they work for you.

Learn to Speak Conversational Spanish Using the Visual Link® Method

The Magic Behind the Method

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What are the best video games to play in Spanish? - Quora

Alright so I'm not sure what gaming systems you have, but here are a few of my recommendations, which I got from me trying to learn French through gaming:

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