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Free Spanish lessons for Children

If you are considering getting additional Spanish classes for your child, we can provide online Spanish lessons via Skype. Your child will be able to see and talk to his or her personal tutor.


Tiara has been taking lessons with 121Spanish for 6 years. 2009/2015

We ensure that all learning activities and materials are age-appropriate for your child.

We can build up your child's confidence, develop fluency, help with homework, prepare your child for a test, correct pronunciation or assist with grammar - and have fun too!

Our skilled tutors are experts at using online methods for learning Spanish.

Our teachers have created a curriculum for young children to keep them entertained and wanting to learn. We use age-appropriate pictures, carefully selected grammar and child-centered learning activities.

We understand how important it is that your child receives good grades in Spanish class and continues to excel. Our teachers foster a positive mindset about learning which is so important to their rapid development.

Children can take lessons from the safety of their home, allowing parents time for other important daily activities. There's no need to drive kids miles to a Spanish school or have home tutors coming to your house!

Your child may have a temporary or permanent lack of mobility and cannot easily get to a school class. No problem with 121Spanish as our Spanish tutors are right there on the computer screen in front of the child wherever they are.

Feedback from the parents of our regular child students has been extremely positive, with dramatic improvements in grades and attitude and many obtaining A's.

Children love using Skype to learn Spanish the 121Spanish way

Online learning is a great way to achieve fluency in Spanish. Children learn quickly on a one to one basis. The lesson is a live one hour video conference at a time to suit you and your child. One to one teaching by webcam (if you have it available) and microphone means the tutor can give undivided attention and adapt to your child's individual needs.

Your child can have personal Spanish lessons while still at home - you can see and hear the tutor face-to-face even though you are far apart.

Do you want to give a really worthwhile gift to your grandchildren? Why not get together with other family members and arrange a course of online Spanish lessons for your loved ones? They will remember your support and generosity for the rest of their lives. And you will have the pleasure of knowing that you helped their education and cultural awareness too.

You can schedule your child's lessons at times to suit personal, school and other commitments.

What does 121Spanish offer to help your child learn Spanish?

  • Online Spanish lessons at a time and place to suit you and your child.
  • Curriculum and methods particularly suited to the needs of youngsters.
  • Low cost, high quality and great flexibility.
  • Working at the child's own pace, building on his or her strengths and preferred learning styles.
  • Immediate feedback, sympathetic encouragement and high expectations from the tutor.
  • 121Spanish Spanish will provide a professionally qualified teacher with specific experience and expertise in teaching kids using Skype and the internet.

Can my child have a free trial lesson learning Spanish online?

Yes!We would be delighted to offer you and your child a free trial Spanish lesson without obligation. After that, you can sign up for a course of Spanish lessons with us if you wish to. That shows how confident we are that you and your child will love our learning methods and that we put the needs of the child first every time. If you want to sign up for Spanish lessons right away, the first lesson is still free!

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