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An intermediate language and cultural program to consolidate and expand listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing skills in Spanish. Classes include a comprehensive grammar review and reinforce linguistic acquisition through texts, movies, art and multi-media projects in order to familiarize students with cultural issues relevant to the Spanish-speaking world. Analysis and discussion of the historical, social, and cultural development of Peru from Pre-Columbian times to the present.

Students will experience learning through diverse approaches. They will live with Peruvian families and immerse themselves in the daily routines of typical Peruvians. They will attend classes in the most prestigious university for business careers in Peru, Universidad del Pacífico. They will have the opportunity to interact with students and professors on a daily basis.


Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad updates program budgets in late January. Please note the year listed on the button below.

Trips and Activities

Excursions will include the following: five-day visit to Cuzco and Machu Picchu; guided tours of Lima’s principal museums; a culinary workshop with preparation and sampling of main Peruvian dishes of different ethnic origins; dance lessons from various regions of Peru. Chocolate workshop. Literature readings. Social and cultural work with Peru Champs NGO.


Students will be placed with local families around Lima. Host families will provide breakfast and dinner on a daily basis. Living conditions vary from host family to host family.


The program starts with four weeks in New Haven, on the Yale campus, before moving on to Lima, Peru for the final four weeks.

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