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Can You speak Spanish?

It's never too late to learn another language. You may not have the opportunity to travel with us this summer, but you can begin right here at home. Learning a foreign language requires determination and practice—a lot of practice! There are many benefits to being bilingual, not the least is simply that it’s good for your brain! Check out:

Tips for learning Spanish:

  • Be patient and willing to make mistakes.
  • Read aloud in Spanish and practice speaking to yourself.
  • Find a partner to practice with or places you can go to practice—restaurants, markets, etc. One of my favorite Mexican restaurants is El Pollo Cachuchon. The servers are always kind enough to practice Spanish with our students.
  • Listen to Spanish music and watch Spanish television. Many popular children's movies have Spanish language options.
  • Make flashcards and label your home with vocabulary words.

There are also excellent, free online resources and apps for smart phones and tablets.
My all-time favorite app is Duolingo. Visit their website: .
My favorite children's app is Spanish School Bus for Kids.
For a good list of Spanish games and apps for children visit: .
For adults and older students visit, Duolingo and subscribe to the YouTube channel Learn Spanish with Señor Jordan.

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