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10 lively video Activities that'll get a standing ovation from your spanish studentsOnce they’re gotten a clear idea of what to do, making their own videos (and watching their own videos) will help their Spanish in many different ways. Still unsure? Have a look at these major reasons why videos work for language teaching:

  • Videos develop their writing and speaking skills.

Of course, it’s not just about getting in front of a camera. It’s about putting together a script, rehearsing, memorizing lines and practicing pronunciation, all with the ability to go back and film a scene over again or add content if they think they can make their final product better.

  • Videos encourage reflection and offer great tools for peer assessment.

The fantastic thing about videos is that they can be watched over and over again.

I used to make students perform little role plays in class. Now, I ask them to film themselves and we watch their work together. The first reflection process takes place before the submission date, as I know the majority of my students will watch what they’ve recorded and film specific scenes again after checking how they can improve their spoken Spanish for the video.

The second moment of reflection takes place in class, where we watch the content together and pause to discuss key questions, provide feedback to one another and focus on specific criteria or target concepts.

  • Videos provide plenty of opportunities to link content and culture.

As every other language teacher, I love to make culture part of my lessons, but this isn’t always an easy task. However, videos are a great way to do it.

As you’ll see when you have a look at the list of video activity ideas, this resource enables students to practice their Spanish while they cook typical food, research about different countries or explore Spanish music.

  • Videos promote student-led lessons and are a great support for their revision sessions.

Working in a mixed ability class has made me realize that a homemade movie can be a great tool to generate student interaction.

Get them to be the teachers both in and out of lessons!

A video gets students to explain things to each other. For the ones that understand certain topics featured in videos, video-related activities help with their confidence and deepens their thinking. Plus, they provide them with an opportunity to reflect on what they know and how to explain this knowledge to others.

For the ones that don’t understand the grammar point well, having a fellow student explaining the content usually means that they will feel more comfortable asking questions. In addition to this, pupils usually share a common way of expressing themselves. This will probably mean they understand each other better than they understand us!

  • Videos engage students and break them out of the routine.

Students love to have the opportunity to do something different. They go crazy when they’re given the chance to take their phones out and actually use them during lessons.

We’re very lucky in this regard, as not every subject can introduce video as easily as we do in language classrooms. This probably means that we’re going to provide a different learning environment compared to what they’re used to. You’ll be amazed by the impact this has on your lessons.

Students will arrive to Spanish class excited for a change of pace and some fun learning time!

All of these are strong reasons. Now it’s time to turn them into strong ideas to make videos relevant to your Spanish language teaching. Lucky for you, we’ve come up with a list of the very best!

You can basically include video in anything you do, although some topics just seem to provide perfect opportunities for audiovisual content. Something we must have in mind at all times is the impact this tool is going to have on their learning, so we can ensure videos are about more than just the fun.

Generally, I ask students to create a script prior to filming. I only check this script if I have specific concerns after watching their work. For example, if a student cannot conjugate a single verb correctly, I would ask for the script to get a deeper understanding as to where the problem lies.

My biggest tip is to spend a lesson watching the videos and getting students to assess their peers’ work. To help them with the feedback process, you can provide students with a success criteria rubric or list of things to look out for.

If you haven’t got a whole lesson to dedicate to videos, you can play two or three short ones at the beginning of class as a starter activity. Students will eventually have a portfolio of recordings that can count towards their speaking grades. You’ll see that they’ll develop their speaking skills much more than they did without videos.

Have a look at the ideas below and get inspired! It’s not just about applying these activities directly, but about adapting them to what suits you and your classroom best.

Some of the ideas have been already used by many teachers, so make sure you check out the different links to YouTube to see how much fun they can be. Other ideas have resulted from a long-term brainstorming process between my students and myself, and all of them have proven very successful.

1. Start a Video Blog

Are you the kind of teacher that sets a written assignment on a regularly basis?

I was, and it gave me so much marking and grading to work on at home. I used to hate myself for creating this laborious situation.

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