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How Listening to Spanish Podcasts Can Help You Learn the LanguageFor many students who are studying a foreign language like Spanish, listening comprehension is one of the most difficult parts of the process. For that reason, listening to Spanish language podcasts can be very helpful in learning how to speak and understand Spanish. So, what are the best Spanish podcasts for learning?

Here are 5 of our favorites to check out:

1) Coffee Break Spanish

What better way to learn Spanish than with a latte and a podcast? Coffee Break Spanish is a podcast for beginners. The lessons are broken down into “seasons, ” allowing Spanish students to work through each lesson in sequential order. Each episode is roughly 15 to 20 minutes and features a specific theme or concept. This free podcast is available on iTunes and consists of 176 episodes.

2) Intermediate Spanish with Spanish Obsessed

This Spanish language podcast is focused around conversational Spanish. The two co-hosts speak slowly and cover a wide range of topics. Unlike other Spanish podcasts, Intermediate Spanish with Spanish Obsessed also reviews grammar and culture in addition to conversational vocabulary. This podcast is free, available on iTunes, and consists of 21 episodes.

3) Notes in Spanish Intermediate

This podcast consists of a husband-and-wife team discussing real world news stories in Spanish. The vocabulary is not for beginners, but Notes in Spanish Intermediate provides realistic examples of the language and how it is used in a day-to-day context. This free podcast is available on iTunes and consists of 46 episodes.

4) Learn Spanish with Comentarios

This short, limited Spanish podcast series focuses mainly on the grammar aspect of Spanish. Learn Spanish with Comentarios is aimed at beginner and intermediate students and covers topics such as the gender of nouns, verbs, definite and indefinite articles, and adjectives. This free podcast is available on iTunes and consists of 12 episodes.

5) SpanishPod101

This is an ongoing podcast that releases short, 2- to 5-minute episodes every few days. The podcast episodes cover a variety of topics, including culture, vocabulary, and pronunciation. SpanishPod101 includes lessons for both beginner and intermediate students and is a unique podcast because it also includes the occasional video episode for students to watch. This podcast is perfect for visual learners, and it’s free, available on iTunes, and consists of 55 episodes.

Listening to Spanish podcasts like the five listed above can help you practice and learn Spanish, but they don’t replace working with someone in real time. Remember, one-on-one practice with a qualified Spanish tutor is the best way to learn the language!

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