Learn Spanish

Spanish learning Sites

Spanish learning Sites

665 million are engaged in a daily flurry of friending, liking, tagging, updating statuses and uploading photos. The billions of likes registered by Facebook every day don’t lie. The people love Facebook and have welcomed it into their homes, computers, and smartphones. Are you a devoted follower or…

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Why Learn Spanish video?

Why Learn Spanish video?

1. “Nunca Me Acuerdo de Olvidarte” First things first. Watch the video. The video is almost the same as the English version, except that Rihanna isn’t in it, so there’s more time for Shakira to rub herself up against the wall in a red tasseled dress. Also, the lip-syncing in Spanish is much more believable…
upsc coaching

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Audio Learn Spanish

Audio Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish Podcast: What is SpanishPod101 By joining the site you get access to a ton of Spanish audio lessons. The lessons are mostly audio, designed to be transferred to your mobile device (like your phone), but they also have tools for learning via their website and also ways to learn the common phrases in Spanish. They also have bonus videos and materials. The way it…

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How to Learn Spanish vocabulary?

How to Learn Spanish vocabulary?

At times, learning Spanish can feel overwhelming, with so many new words to take in after every lesson and new Spanish vocabulary appearing in every text or video you encounter. The problem is that new words often fail to stay in your memory on their own accord — you need to utilize special tips and tricks. Here are a few of our favorites: 1. Return to Your List of New Words…

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