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How to learn Spanish fast and Easy?

how to learn spanish quicklySpanish learners work from the same basic recipe.

Gain vocabulary.

Add grammar structure.

Rearrange based on time and situation.

Vocalize appropriately, and repeat.

The end goal is also the same: to understand and be understood in Spanish.

However, there’s something that is unique and personal to you: the specific ingredients, tools and the process you use.

For example, maybe you like to learn Spanish with music, or love to learn Spanish through movies.

2These recipes are how you can learn Spanish quickly and efficiently.

Even in the most strictly-run class situations, anybody making actual progress is going to be spending time on their own figuring out how to get words, verbal conjugations and sentence structure implanted in their synapses.

How to Learn Spanish Quickly: One Simple Tip

Memorization is something you’re familiar with already. Memorizing labels for objects and actions, ideas and explanations.

One less-conventional idea is to take this a step further and memorize longer chunks of Spanish, things you don’t understand yet. Quotes, songs, riddles, tongue twisters – whatever appeals to you.

Great App for Learning SpanishWhy Memorizing Chunks Will Help You Learn Spanish Fast

Here are 30 reasons why this is a good idea:

  • 10 minutes while showering and getting dressed
  • 20 minutes while commuting, walking, cooking, standing in line

Using the half-hour represented above for repeating memorized items in Spanish to yourself can dramatically aid the imprinting process and help you learn Spanish quickly. If there is a particular verb conjugation your brain currently refuses to accept, memorize something that includes it, repeat it regularly for a week, and presto – the word is yours.

Top Apps for Learning SpanishMaybe, at the start of the week, the verb you’re working on is the only term in the memorized piece you understand. Don’t worry about it. Now that you have the item memorized, look up each of the other terms as time permits and before long all of them will be solid additions to your ever-enlarging Spanish Rolodex of vocabulary. The more you do this, the more likely it is that you will be exposed to nuances of various terms, which will make your vocabulary all the more useful to you.

An Example to Get You Started

Here’s a riddle for your memorization consideration:

Una caja muy chiquita,

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