Spanish Lessons

Spanish lessons torrent

Spanish lessons torrent

Released in 1973, in the dying days of General Franco’s forty-year dictatorship, The Spirit of the Beehive soon established itself as the consummate masterpiece of Spanish cinema. Yet, strangely, many of the gifted artists who collaborated on Víctor Erice’s first feature, an atmospheric exploration of…
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Free audio Spanish lessons online

Free audio Spanish lessons online

Get your Spanish lessons free online with Visual Link Spanish. Start speaking in just a few lessons. We have over 2 hours worth of lessons for you to try before you even pay a penny. There are a few available Spanish lessons for you to choose from, but how many promise to teach you how to speak and use over 480 useful, everyday sentences in just 30 minutes? And do they offer…

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Free Spanish lessons YouTube

Free Spanish lessons YouTube

I m a big fan of free language learning resources, of which Youtube is one of the best and easiest to use. Here are 5 of my picks for some of the best channels for learning Spanish on Youtube! 5) Practiquemos also have a youtube channel where they have supplementary Spanish lessons. 3) Senor Jordan Senor Jordon is a Spanish teacher who makes videos to help teach his students…

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Conversational Spanish Lesson Plans

Conversational Spanish Lesson Plans

Teaching Spanish through games and songs is one way to help students become increasingly familiar with pronunciation and the meaning of words and phrases. Holidays and other activities also lend themselves to making the connection with traditional lesson plans while having fun! Lesson Plans Dealing With Verbs, Adverbs and Basic Vocabulary Lesson plans can include games and…

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Spanish lessons for Children

Spanish lessons for Children

How do you teach your child Spanish if you are not bilingual yourself? Raising bilingual children is a hot topic in the news nowadays. More and more Latino families are recognizing the value of raising their kids to speak both English and Spanish. But what happens if you are English dominant and don’t speak the language at home? What if you don’t have the luxury of sending…

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