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Apps for learning Spanish free

The app focuses on long-lasting memorization, using techniques based on cognitive and psychological concepts to tap into the learner’s audio and visual memory.

I've always struggled to retain foreign vocabulary but this app changed all that. The spaced repetition seems to really work. I've learned over 500 new words/phrases in only a few weeks. Highly recommended!!

I consistently use this app because it really has taught me French from the ground up. I learned so much in just a few days, let alone months. Native speakers have even praised me for my accent. Thanks Mosa!

by Sharon Baker
from USA

Not having time to go to a language school is no longer a problem. Now you have the academy on your smartphone!

Brilliant app

Timed repetition is great and the way of learning is ideal for anyone who hates learning verb tables rote!!

by Daiane Grade

Easy, funny, an app that one can use at any time, just a few minutes per day, and that will make one learn languages and improve the vocabulary. Gracias por ayudarme con el español!

Stay motivated & you'll reap the benefits quickly! Fun, easy way to learn and unlock a whole new world for both your brain and in making new connections once you're no longer lost in translation! Just try it!

MosaLingua is a fantastic app that will suit all your Spanish language needs. We were very taken by this app. The app receives 5 Stars and the EAS Recommended status.

Excellent learning tool!

If there ever was an app worthy

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