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learn spanish facebook665 million are engaged in a daily flurry of friending, liking, tagging, updating statuses and uploading photos.

The billions of likes registered by Facebook every day don’t lie.

The people love Facebook and have welcomed it into their homes, computers, and smartphones.

Are you a devoted follower or a casual clicker?

Do you exhaust your home feed and take to stalking complete strangers?

Regardless of your level of fandom, you’ve unknowingly been sitting on a stick of dynamite that can blast you faster and further ahead in your Spanish learning progress.

Hold up.

Dynamite captures the raw energy of Facebook as a learning tool, but in hindsight that sounds a bit self-destructive.

Rather, imagine Facebook as the internet equivalent of a visiting a laid back lounge-café where you always bump into old friends, overhear bits and pieces of conversations, and meet new people.

2With people and conversations all around you, this strangely friendly café could be the perfect environment to become conversational in a foreign language.

Now, on top of podcasts, movies, news, and popular videos, you’ve got a new trick up your sleeve.

Why Learn Spanish with Facebook?

  • Minimize your study time stress. Learning Spanish through interacting with friends and looking at photos is a lot less mentally taxing than pounding the books.
  • Make Facebook time double as Spanish learning time. Guilty of constantly responding to those chat message pings and red notification flags? Redeem yourself by making it a valuable learning experience.
  • Acquire the vocabulary specific to your interests and hobbies. Whatever your interests are, a Spanish speaker has likely made a Facebook fan page or group to discuss and celebrate.
  • Keep it fresh. The internet is constantly growing and changing. Information is zipping around the globe at light speed.Great App for Learning Spanish Every day you will have new, fresh content set before you to keep learning interesting and relevant.
  • Facebook’s layout is super easy to navigate. You can set everything to Spanish and still know what’s going on. Be real, you probably could get yourself to your wall blindfolded.
  • Absorb Spanish into your mind naturally. Passively learn as you scroll down your home page and casually encounter Spanish words used in context.
  • Help out a friend in need. Your Facebook friends will see your likes, group memberships and activities.Top Apps for Learning Spanish Maybe you’ll help somebody find a fantastic language learning resource!
  • Facebook is worldwide. This makes it easier to interact with people in different countries and learn various accents and idioms.

Unleash the Spanish-pocalypse.

Go to your preferences and change your interface language to Spanish. Soon you’ll be picking up on all kinds of useful Spanish vocabulary! Here are the must-know words and phrases:

Inicio = Home
Comentar = To comment
Compartir = To share
Etiquetar foto = To tag a photo

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