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The Magic Behind the MethodIf you're looking for the best basic Spanish courses to help you begin to learn Spanish quickly and effectively then we'd like to offer you some free lessons. Once you complete these free lessons we promise you'll continue to learn more with our basic Spanish courses than you would anywhere else, or your money back. We expect you'll be speaking in complete sentences after only a few short lessons and actually be able to begin communicating in Spanish, not just being able to rattle off a few vocabulary words. Give our free lessons below a try and find out why we're the best available anywhere!

Customer Testimonial

"Hello David, I've had your Spanish "Visual Link" course for a couple of weeks now. I am very impressed to date. I've always known quite a few words in Spanish, but never had the ability to, as they say "put it all together". Your course has really allowed me to do that. I find myself thinking in Spanish quite a bit with a lot of things I'm trying to say in English, day to day. I'm really taking my time, as I've just finished the 5 sections associated with "basic needs". Your approach to grouping words in "basic needs" is brilliant. I feel really confident and don't require the manual as the instruction is so good. "Maria" has an excellent voice for learning!! I took a chance buying your product, as there are so many Spanish courses available. I believe I chose well and will recommend it to others. Gracias."

~ Don McLeod

Why are Our Courses the Best?

Visual Link® Languages has been developing language programs since 1995, specializing in spanish, and we have sold our courses in more than 130 countries. We extensively researched the various methods for learning languages, then we tested the best methods while teaching Spanish to hundreds of individual students. Some incredible linguists and software developers used that research to create a truly innovative approach to teach basic Spanish. The result was the best you'll find, and we're offering you several free lessons to let you see for yourself. Hundreds of thousands of people have tried our courses risk free (we offer a full 6-month money back guarantee on our complete course). Follow their footsteps and give our free lessons a try.

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