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Show Info: By Maria Fernandez, a highly-experienced native Spanish teacher. Easy Spanish lessons with speaking exercises and drills. Master the Spanish verbs. Expand your vocabulary. Develop your conversation skills. Get a cool Spanish accent. This Spanish course includes: verb drills, role playing exercises, language learning tips, vocabulary audio flashcards, everyday words and phrases, pronunciation exercises, fun grammar lessons, and more. This podcast is ideal for beginners, and those with gaps in their knowledge of the Spanish language. It’s also great for students preparing for Spanish exams: AP, GCSE, A Level, DELE. Speak Spanish during your commute, while on the go, or in your coffee break. Subscribe & join 1000s of listeners!

#127 Spanish listening drills – conversation practice

7 days ago · 2 minutes

In this free Spanish video lesson you get to do some Spanish listening drills. Subscribe to my free YouTube channel now, and get all my video lessons. Subscribe to my free Spanish course:

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Rated 5 out of 5 by Marielle from AMAZING!!! Maria's methods are beyond conventional teaching methods. She has a special innate gift that enables her to think from her student's point of view therefore anticipating their various questions, ways of learning, approaches to learning, anxieties etc. No one is left behind. There's no better way!

Rated 5 out of 5 by Mamie from Super Course Maria uses the best teaching methods available. Try her courses and you will be speaking Spanish in no time. Thanks Maria Rated 5 out of 5 by Pete k from Easy learning style Found Maria Fernandez's spanish lessons about a year ago. Of all the free lessons available online I like her methods and insights the best! Keep up the great work Maria! Rated 5 out of 5 by Ander from Comprehensive yet Accessible and Flexible. I am a filipino with a little background in spanish due mainly to my spanish class in high school and college. Although this was the language of my grand parents including the one whose letter in spanish, I only saw by accident in the internet, I never got to practice it. It's use in the Philippines was dismantled by the U.S. occupation in the 1900s. Thus, I was never able to understand nor speak the language. I have just tried 2 of the lessons from the Speak Spanish program by Maria Fernandez. One is about conjugation of the verb. The other is about starting to build a grammar thru a greeting dialogue. The first lesson on conjugation of a verb at the present tense was easy to learn as it starts from the most basic part which is the word as in this case the verb. Then it develops into the different types of accessories to the root word of the verb based on the different types of subjects such as I, you singular, he, we, you plural, and they. The verb is broken down into it's very root. With the logic incorporated into the lesson at the very basic level, the need to memorize like a parrot is greatly reduced. The lesson on building up of grammar thru a greeting dialogue was just as elementary in its development. Both lessons were very inter active and flexible. I was able to repeat them at any stage according to my ability to learn and remember. It is just like learning by conversing with spanish speaking people here at my own home. Thank you Maria for coming up with this program!

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