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Latin American Spanish Mix and match gameEs

Games can be a great way of reinforcing the language for young learners of Latin American Spanish. Interactive games introduce excitment and competition into the learning mix which can particularly suit some boys who are resistant to other learning (or teaching) methods.

Our Latin American Spanish games are designed to be both simple to understand and quick to play. They are suitable for kids, teenagers and young adults and are designed to be played by individual players learning or revising Latin American Spanish. The games are primarily based on matching items of vocabulary to our specially drawn topic pictures - this is done in a variety of ways in the different games. We also have a hangman game that encourages the learner with their Latin American Spanish spelling (in addition to a pure spelling game).

Latin American Spanish game The beetle and the beeAll our games are available online and are free to use with all our topics - that is over 1000 vital items of Latin American Spanish that are at the core of any beginning Latin American Spanish course. Our games are accompanied by Latin American Spanish lessons and tests to provide a vital free resource for Latin American Spanish learners with limited (or no) budget. The details for each game are given on their own pages.

Latin American Spanish pelmanism gamees

Click on the name of a game to go to that game page with the topic you have selected. On the game page there are instructions on how to play the game in addition to a chance to change the topic you want to play with.

All our Latin American Spanish games are quick to play and easy to understand. You need to have seen the language you are going to play with before you play the games, either at school or using our own Latin American Spanish lessons.

Latin American Spanish 4 in a row gameSee below for details of the Latin American Spanish games currently available.

A child's playroom needs tidying up - put the picture blocks into the correctly labelled box to score points and clear up the room.

Simple game with nice graphics suitable for children as young as 5.


Control the beetle with your arrow keys to collect the strawberries and avoid the bees - keep the strawberries by answering the Latin American Spanish vocab questions.

Learning Latin American Spanish is suddenly an adventure and each question is vital to the health of your beetle...


Match items of vocabulary to the correct picture to clear these cells revealing a large picture previously hidden by that content. Pelmanism is an age old favourite with language teachers and students alike.


Latin American Spanish Hangman game Latin American Spanish Spelling game Latin American Spanish Sow grow Latin American Spanish Rock fall game

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