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Spanish games online

Learning Resources to enhance your Spanish language!

At don Quijote, we’re all about helping you build better Spanish skills, which is why we offer the following study resources to help guide you on your journey to fluency. Keeping consistent is one of the keys to learning a language, and we provide a new word every day to continuously broaden your vocabulary, along with a weekly lesson to help you stay on top of your studies and focused on your learning goals. Use our verb conjugator to correctly use any verb, our dictionaries to find the word you need, or our alphabetized list of Spanish sayings for some exposure to colloquial speech. We also invite you to find out your level of Spanish with our online test, which you can use to observe your command of Spanish as it increases over time.

  • Thinking Critically

    Through critical thinking by way of reasoning and contextualizing information, you will be better prepared to understand navigate the Spanish speaking world.

  • Learning Through Reading

    Improve your grammar and reading comprehension employing reading comprehension strategies and text based grammar exercises.

  • What's Being Said

    In this section you will find information and vocabulary related to a subject that is currently being talked about which you normally would not be exposed to in the classroom.

Put the fun back in fundamental Spanish learning with our language games, check out our weekly Spanish joke and prepare to giggle your way to better Spanish communication, or follow along to your favorite music en español with our catalogue of song lyrics. It’s time for some fun, funny, and fulfilling language study, because although learning Spanish isn’t all fun and games, sometimes it is.

  • Spanish Games

    Learning is not just in books anymore. Use games to learn Spanish!

  • Jokes in Spain

    You will not stop laughing! Read our jokes in Spanish

  • Spanish Lyrics
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