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Spanish Advanced Grammar

advanced Spanish booksYou’ve got fluency in your sights.

It’s tantalizingly within reach.

So, how can you push yourself beyond advanced Spanish?

Here, we’ve provided all the best learning textbooks, reference books and dual-readers for advanced Spanish learners.

It’s time to fill in the little gaps that separate you from fluency.

Why Advanced Spanish Learners Still Need Books

There’s a common misconception out there that textbooks are just for nailing down the nuts and bolts of language. You know, for when you need to write and write sentences over and over until you start to understand how correct Spanish should sound. We know you know how Spanish should sound. That’s why we’re going way beyond the basics with these books.

You’re on a whole different level of Spanish learning now—you’re advanced enough that you can finally focus on attaining that lofty goal of sounding like a native. We’re not just going to solidify your fundamental Spanish knowledge, we’re going to build on that with real-world language practice and literary immersion.

Choosing the Right Advanced Spanish Books

15 bright books to propel advanced spanish learners to fluencyThe books we’re going to recommend fall into three major categories:

  1. Formal learning
  2. Modern, real-world Spanish
  3. Literature for Spanish immersion

With the first category, you’ll hone the skills you’ve previously developed in terms of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. In the second, you’ll fill in all the little details that you might have found missing while watching Spanish television, reading Spanish magazines or chatting with native speakers. In the third, you’ll put all of your Spanish learning into practice, improve your reading comprehension and boost yourself to overall Spanish fluency.

While they all tackle different subject areas, these books share a few major characteristics:

  • Reputable. These books are all published by well-known and trusted publishers, have received excellent user reviews and have been assessed first-hand by yours truly.
  • Thorough. Nothing slips through the cracks with these books. The whole point is to track down those oft-forgotten little details that differentiate the advanced students from the fluent speakers. You’ll be attacking Spanish from all possible angles, to ensure the fastest advance to fluency.
  • Relevant. The content is practical knowledge that you should store away for future encounters with the Spanish-speaking world.

We’ll begin with the section of formal learning books:

1. “Palabra por palabra”

15 bright books to propel advanced spanish learners to fluencyWant some advanced Spanish vocabulary that’s actually practical for your life in the modern world? The vocabulary contained in this book is somewhere between slang and formal Spanish. Here, you’ll find modern terms, phrases, expressions and buzzwords that end up in newspapers, magazines, advertisements and news broadcasts.

It’s the language of popular culture. If you’re looking to learn how to say oddly specific things like “swine flu, ” you’d usually have to wait until the situation arises—and then it’s already too late.

This is the big bad granddaddy of Spanish vocabulary. Anything, absolutely anything you need to learn is in this massive collection of useful words, and it’s beautifully organized for easy studying and reference.

This book is designed to challenge your Spanish. The entire text is written in Spanish, meaning you’ll never be able to slip back into English mode. It works as an all-around grammar study guide and reference book, since no topic is left off the index.

You’ll be able to go right back to the very beginning if need be, starting at -AR, -ER and -IR verb conjugations. This book gives plenty of tests to help you review your knowledge and practical understanding, making it our number one choice for grammar learning and practice.

This book by McGraw-Hill Education is truly the gold standard in Spanish grammar. It’s a great reference guide for when things get sticky, or when you’d like to solidify your understanding of a particular grammar topic. Given its bilingual vocabulary glossary, grammar glossary and well-organized index, this book is our selected recommendation for grammar reference.

This book is geared more towards beginners and intermediates, but going back to the basics may be exactly what you need to get your pronunciation right.

Pronunciation is something that slips through the cracks for many Spanish language learners—particularly English-speaking learners. A flat American accent can effectively butcher even the most perfect Spanish sentence. Even if you’re speaking fluent Spanish in every other way, many people will still struggle to understand you if you haven’t mastered the Spanish accent.

Get it together. Get this book!

This book contains not only correct pronunciations and easy phonetic guides to train your mouth in Spanish pronunciation, but it also explains the linguistic principles underlying Spanish phonetics. Are you the kind of person who loves to know how things work? Does your brain remember concepts better when you understand them to their very roots? Then opt for this book.

15 bright books to propel advanced spanish learners to fluency 15 bright books to propel advanced spanish learners to fluency 15 bright books to propel advanced spanish learners to fluency 15 bright books to propel advanced spanish learners to fluency

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