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the complete guide to instant spanish immersionLearning Spanish is an exciting endeavor that can change your life by exposing you to new cultures, people and places. Furthermore, speaking Spanish undeniably opens an array of new doors for you in terms of employment.

But in order to reap these benefits, first you need to learn the language.

So what’s the best way to soak up the most Spanish in the shortest amount of time? Immersion.

Now, we know that few have the time and money to simply hop on a plane and head to the nearest Spanish-speaking country right away, and that’s exactly why we’ve put together a free PDF guide just for you: “The Complete Guide to Instant Spanish Immersion.”

There are so many useful ways, tools and tricks to immerse yourself in Spanish right now, no matter where you currently live.

So what are you waiting for? Instant Spanish immersion is but a click away!

Here’s what you’ll find in our guide:

There are numerous ways that you can immerse yourself in Spanish when you don’t live in a Spanish-speaking society (which is probably the situation for most of us), and here’s a great compilation of ideas to get you started. From changing your cell phone language and labeling items in your house to volunteering with Spanish speakers or joining a conversation group, you’ll find tons of ways you can surround yourself in Spanish—plus actionable tips and useful resources.

One such way to immerse yourself in Spanish is to start getting your news from a Spanish source. Whether this is in the form of written news articles, short video clips, entire news segments from TV, news podcasts, magazines, apps, etc.—we’ve got you covered. Learn tips that will show you how to learn with the news, plus resources of news sources from a variety of mediums.

Spanish music is another fantastic way to learn the language through exposure. After all, who’s not familiar with the phenomenon (or at times, frustration) of a song getting stuck in your head? Right now I take a weekly Zumba class filled with upbeat Spanish pop/dance tunes, and the songs always remain long after I leave the gym. The power of music is a valuable tool for us Spanish learners, so take advantage and put the tips and songs offered in this music guide to good use. This language has musical styles to suit any taste!

Introducing Spanish into your leisure time will provide many new opportunities to surround yourself in the romance language. So at times when you just feel like curling up and relaxing with a good movie, you can—while still including Spanish in the activity! Maybe you already know that it’s best for Spanish learners to turn on Spanish subtitles when watching movies, so which film should you watch? This list will give you seven Spanish movie recommendations from various countries and genres.

If you’re one of the 665 million who use Facebook, you can use it to immerse yourself in Spanish, no matter your level of involvement! Whether you’re constantly liking, posting and tagging, or only check your account occasionally, this social network can actually be used to learn Spanish. Find out how, and learn which pages are best to “like” for the most Spanish exposure.

Many people spend a decent chunk of their time in the car, and luckily this is another scene that allows us learners to spend more time with our dear Spanish language. With radio, music, audiobooks, podcasts, car games and quizzes, you can easily transform your commutes and road trips into fun Spanish-absorption sessions with these tips and suggestions.

Talking with native Spanish speakers is exactly what you’d be doing daily in a Spanish-speaking country, so why not start now? Even if your community doesn’t have a Spanish meet-up group or conversation table, the wonderful world wide web makes it possible to still have a language exchange – from the comfort of your own home! These ten tips will show you where to find a Spanish language partner and how to have the best possible experience with him or her.

For the visual learners out there, Pinterest is one of the lesser-known tools that can be used to surround yourself in Spanish, but it’s quite valuable. Even if you’ve never used Pinterest before (or if you have no idea what it even is), you’ll start at the basics with a brief overview of the site. Learn how to navigate and explore Spanish pins, plus receive a bunch of recommended Spanish boards and pinners!

Finally, once you’ve immersed yourself in Spanish at home, you’ll be well prepared to spend some time abroad! You’d think that being in a Spanish-speaking country would guarantee language learning, but be careful! In today’s connected world, being so plugged in could actually hinder your Spanish learning abroad. Follow these do’s and don’ts of Spanish language immersion abroad to ensure the most of your time and experience in a Spanish-speaking country.

Download Your Free PDF Spanish Immersion Guide Today

Start immersing yourself in Spanish today, with our free PDF, “The Complete Guide to Instant Spanish Immersion”:

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