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Learn SpanishSpanish is one of the world’s most popular languages, with over 400 million people speaking the language worldwide. It is the official language of 21 countries, including Spain, Cuba and Puerto Rico, and the Spanish language is the primary language of other major countries, including Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

Why learn Spanish?

In addition, the increased presence of latino culture in the United States and the promise of retirement to a warmer climate have both contributed to making the Spanish language one of the fastest growing foreign languages on the planet.

As a result, many other people choose to learn Spanish because it is a great way to boost employment prospects. The increase in the Spanish-speaking population makes learning Spanish extremely beneficial, especially in the global business-driven world we live in, as there will be a constant need for Spanish translators and interpreters.

Others simply choose to learn Spanish as a hobby; and given the benefits listed above, it is clearly a pretty useful hobby to take up.

Ways to learn Spanish

In this day and age, learning Spanish is a viable option to more people than ever before.

Language courses are increasingly popular, and are beneficial because you are able to learn the theory and practical elements of the language simultaneously. In addition, Spanish language classes are taught by native speakers, so mistakes and corrections can quickly be ironed out. The disadvantage of language courses, however, is the cost, as they tend to be the most expensive option.

Modern technology has impacted upon the learning of foreign languages through online courses, CD-Roms and Spanish language Apps. The benefit of these methods of learning are that they allow flexibility, are often low-cost and can seem, at least on the surface, to be less stressful, time consuming and daunting than attending a foreign language class. The disadvantages are a lack of practical use of the language, the questionable quality of some courses and the inability to correct mistakes in pronunciation.

Learn Spanish with Babbel

So why is Babbel different? Well, first of all, Babbel is low-price but effective, with an ad-free interface and exercises for reading, listening and pronunciation. And the Babbel Community gives you the chance to practice your language skills and get in touch with Spanish native speakers or other Spanish learners.

Babbel believe that the key to effectively learning Spanish, or indeed any other language, is having fun. Hard work and discipline will get you so far, but real engagement with the content is required to retain information and maximise your learning potential.

The site makes full use of mobile and computer technology, making learning flexible. The brains behind the site are language teachers, native speakers, designers and software developers, who all combine to offer the best possible content and user interface.

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