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At Simon’s Rock we expect (and respect) that you are a self-directed learner, an individual intent on following your own passions and interests. That’s why you’re here. Tutorials and Independent Projects offer two significant opportunities for Rockers to take control.

Independent Projects

You have a big idea, and we want you to go for it. An independent project gives Upper College students the chance to design their own syllabus and work toward the completion of a finished work - a scientific poster, a mathematical result, an exhibition, a play, a series of poems, or a longer academic paper for a conference presentation. A faculty advisor will oversee your progress, but you’ll set the agenda.

Independent projects earn four credits, and no student may take more than three independent projects over the course of their BA studies. Independent projects are reserved for juniors and seniors, and eligible students apply by submitting a completed Independent Project Contract to the Standards and Procedures Committee.


Robotics Create your own class, or take a course from the catalogue that’s not being offered in a given semester. You’ll meet one-on-one or in a small group setting with a faculty advisor.

Tutorials typically earn four credits, and are meant to complement and not replace the round-table discussions you’ll have in the rest of your classes, so no student may take more than one tutorial per semester.

Tutorials are mostly reserved for Upper College BA students (moderated sophomores may appeal for a policy exemption), and eligible students apply for tutorials by submitting a Tutorial Registration Form to the Standards and Procedures Committee.

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