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Apps to learn Different languages

Gus on the go also has printablesWhen it comes to learning foreign languages, people usually turn to quoting ancient Latin proverbs, but I’m going to skip that and move straight onto why learning a second language is a good an amazing thing for your kid.

Yes, knowing foreign languages is cool, it is a great skill to have on your resume, it allows you to communicate with people from other cultures, and it’s so much easier to learn new languages when you start young.

It’s So Much More Than Just Language Skills

But there are even more advantages than that when you start young.Kids learn Mandarin through an app When you learn your mother tongue, it’s like putting on special glasses that shape how you see the world. Learning a new language gives you a different perspective, so it’s not just words and grammatical structures – it’s a whole new look at everything that surrounds them.

It’s hardly surprising then that children who learn a foreign language (or two) from a young age also tend to be more creative and better problem solvers – after all, it becomes natural to approach things from different angles perspectives.

What you should keep in mind is that learning a new language shouldn’t be a chore for them – it should be a game, because that is how kid learn best. It’s learning by doing that really drives them, and thanks to our handy gadgets and apps, it has never been easier to immerse them into wonderful, colorful and playful interactive worlds where they can learn and play and grow.

I went through some trillion language learning apps and used my linguistic/ex-foreign language teacher super-powers to pick out some that both have good linguistic reasoning and methods behind them, but are also fun and beautiful 🙂

Gus on the Go

An app for parents, by parents, Gus on the Go allows kids to learn 14 different languages ( including Spanish, French, and Hebrew) with a little help from Gus, an animated traveling owl. The app is chock-full of vibrant animations and sounds that motivate children to explore more, and after each lesson, Gus encourages them to review what they’ve learned to unlock another lesson. But along with learning a new language, by playing kids also practice their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

A spelling be app for kids. You can learn sign language through songs too. duolingo

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