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Learn to speak Spanish for Beginners

Michel Thomas Method - Total SpanishWhen it comes to learning Spanish it doesn’t get easier than the Michel Thomas Method. The Michel Thomas method eases you into the Spanish language by breaking it into its component parts. You will then be able to easily form your own sentences to say what you want in Spanish! Go from absolute beginner to confident speaker—without books, homework or memorizing.

Listen, absorb and speak Spanish naturally

The Michel Thomas Method audio course helps you pick up the Spanish language naturally, at your own pace. It teaches you Spanish through your own language, building it up, step by step in ‘real-time’ conditions.

About the Spanish language

Spanish is an international language and is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. With more than 400 million speakers in more than twenty countries, from Spain, with 46 million speakers, to Africa and the Americas, and millions of others studying it as a second language, Spanish continues to spread. Spanish developed from Latin, and is related to French, Italian, Romanian and Portuguese. Many English words also have Latin roots, making some Spanish words easy to recognise!

THe Michel Thomas Method product rangeThe Michel Thomas Method Range

"The thrill is you’re figuring it out on your own…You’re actually engaging with another language."

David Sedaris, The New Yorker

"A unique and perfectly brilliant way of learning languages"

Stephen Fry

"The most extraordinary experience of my life"

Emma Thompson

"Works like a dream"

Daily Telegraph

"The nearest thing to painless learning"

The Times

"Thomas makes it simple"

Sunday Times

"Michel Thomas is a precious find indeed"


"Five minutes into the first CD and you already feel like you're winning"

Time Out

"For the first time, trying to speak Italian was fun, not frustrating"


"A genuinely new way of learning a language"

Daily mail

"Hugely inspiring"

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