Learn to Speak Spanish online

Learn how to speak Spanish by focusing on everyday conversation.

Want to learn Spanish? With Smigin: Spanish (Spain), you will learn how to speak Spanish instantly by focusing on real conversation instead of verbs and grammar.

Learning a new language doesn’t have to be so hard. Smigin’s Spanish language course guides you step-by-step through words and phrases you’ll actually use in everyday situations. With Smigin’s unique Chat feature, you get to simulate real-time conversation while gaining confidence in your Spanish skills.

With our Smigin: Spanish course, you will:

  • Learn 500+ Spanish words that you can use in everyday interactions
  • Learn 250+ useful phrases and learn Spanish grammar effortlessly
  • Watch 100+ HD videos shot on location in Spain to add cultural context to what you learn
  • Learn Spanish expressions and idioms that you won’t find in other Spanish classes
  • Practice Spanish conversation
  • Study Spanish anytime, anywhere, on any desktop or mobile browser

Smigin's online language course is in line with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

If you're still deciding whether you want to learn Spanish, then you've come to the right place. With the right approach, learning Spanish will change the way you think, speak, and live your day-to-day life. And the best part? It's never too late to start!

  1. It comes in handy when you travel abroad. Well this is obvious, isn't it? Language connects people, and traveling to Spain or Latin America is a whole lot better when you have some Spanish under your belt. You'll be able to speak to locals, navigate cities like Madrid and Buenos Aires, and even score better deals while bargain-shopping or trying different activities on your trip.
  2. It boosts your self-confidence. When you're able to speak another language – no matter how much or how little – you get a little confidence boost. Even carrying out a 30-second Spanish conversation can feel like a massive achievement, and the feel-good energy you'll get from learning Spanish can be applied to a wide variety of other life goals you may have.
  3. You improve your native language skills. When you learn Spanish as a non-native speaker, you pay a lot more attention to grammar, syntax, and sentence structures. This leads to a greater appreciation of and significant improvements in your ability to speak your native language.
  4. It expands your career opportunities. Spanish language skills are guaranteed to improve your resumé. Learning Spanish will enhance your ability to communicate with potential clients and suggest that you're flexible to people of various cultures, thus giving your resumé a competitive edge over job applicants who only speak one language.
  5. Your brain will love you. Really. You read that correctly: learning another language makes you smarter. Various research studies have suggested that learning languages makes you a better multitasker. It boosts your memory. Language learning also activates parts of your brain that, in turn, improve your creativity, planning, and decision-making skills.
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