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How to learn Spanish really fast?

Andrew BarrLearning a second language can be a challenge. An enjoyable challenge but a challenge nonetheless. There is a lot to learn. And if you are on your own language learning journey it is worth seeking out and discovering tips, techniques and tactics that will help you get there faster.

If you are learning Spanish then on this site you will be able find resources designed to improve your skills quickly. In fact, everything at Real Fast Spanish is created with one question in mind:

How can I get to a conversational level in Spanish as fast as possible?

The best method, that I know, for answering this question is called conversation hacking. If you would like to know more about how the tips and techniques of conversation hacking can be applied to Spanish check out the conversation hacking guide.

Every year a number of students start to learn Spanish and stop. A number think or talk about learning Spanish but never make it to the starting line. The difference between the students that achieve a high level and the ones that don’t comes down to the right mindset.

Cultivating the right mindset includes overcoming fear, finding focus, staying the course and maintaing a high level motivation.

If you want to be great at Spanish you need to find your own source of motivation. The secret to finding motivation is having a good answer to the question ‘why’.

So why are you learning Spanish? Is that reason big enough to propel you forward?

Here you will be reminded of why you started learning Spanish and how you can use this to guide you forward. You can also discover tips, tricks and tactics as well as access training programs, seek product reviews and find inspiration.

So what is it going to take to increase your Spanish to the next level? More training, more action, less procrastination, less perfectionism?

Andrew Barr

I’m a student of Spanish and will continue to be one for as long as I can imagine. I started learning 7 years ago because I realized, while on a trip to Africa with a friend, that knowing only one language is hugely limiting.

There is an entire world of possibility that opens once you step out and search for it. I failed at learning a second language in school and this time I wanted to prove I could do it. There truly is a sense of wonder when you speak to someone in another language.

I started Real Fast Spanish to help Spanish students experience that same wonder. And to help avoid the things that slowed my progress.

Remembering why you started Spanish is crucial to moving forward. Whether it be to impress a loved one, show off to friends, or experience a new culture. It is important to always return to why you started to help inspire you to continue.

It isn’t going to be an easy road but generally all things in life that take effort are met with the biggest of rewards at the end of the journey. Speaking Spanish can be an incredibly rewarding experience and who knows where it could take you. You may be able to forge new bonds, new friendships, find romance and connect on a level you never thought possible.

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