How is Spanish in Spain

Learn Spain Spanish online

Net Languages - Online Language CoursesApart from its face-to-face Spanish courses, IH Spain also offers the chance to learn Spanish online, with online courses currently being offered by both IH Barcelona and IH Madrid.

Our online Spanish courses come from Net Languages (founded by IH Barcelona), one of the world's most successful online language schools, and have the same basic format as our popular online English programs.

Course content

We are currently offering 3 levels of General Spanish (elementary, and lower and upper intermediate). The courses include visually attractive materials, high quality listening material and a wide variety of exercise types and activities that make learning Spanish online a meaningful, fun experience.

How an online course works

To learn Spanish you communicate by e-mail and voice-mail with your own personal Spanish tutor, receive corrections and comments on your progress, as well as having telephone tutorials and being able to chat with other online Spanish learners.

At the end of each course there is a test, and an IH certificate for those completing the course successfully.

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