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Beginners Spanish lessons

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Beginners Spanish course

If you have never studied Spanish before, you will need to start from the very beginning. At AIL Malaga we know that our beginners should study Spanish in a specialised course focused on learning the basics of the Spanish language in an effective and progressive way.

Other Spanish language schools offer Spanish lessons for beginners starting every week, and then the students are placed in mixed groups with other students who have been studying Spanish for several weeks. We strongly believe that this is not the right way for the student and so we instead offer monthly focused start dates for beginners’ Spanish courses.

Our Spanish lessons for beginners can be taken within any of the different Spanish courses we offer: everything from the and the to our specialised Spanish and internship programme.

Our policy is to start beginners’ Spanish courses once a month, generally starting on the first Monday of each month. Below you can see the start dates for beginners’ courses so you can pick the day that suits you best to start your studies. Your Spanish language adventure should be fun and enjoyable, and we will provide the teaching methods that you need to succeed in your first Spanish language steps!

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