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Kids Spanish Classes

Parents and Tots Spanish Classes: Ages 2-3

Our Parents and Tots Spanish classes are 45 minute long classes designed for children to take alongside their parent or guardian. Parents and Tots Spanish classes expose children ages 2-3 to the language through a variety of fun activities. This dynamic class incorporates music, dance, rhymes, interactive play and visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic learning modalities to keep children engaged and immersed in the language. Exposing children to a second language at a young age helps develop fluency, cognitive thinking and socialization, helping to prepare the child for preschool and beyond.

After School and Saturday Morning Spanish Classes: Ages 4 - 9

CASA de ESPAÑOL offers Youth Spanish classes at the Basic, High Basic, and Intermediate levels for children ages 4 - 9 after school as well as on Saturday mornings. Students attend class once or twice a week for two and a half hours and work in small groups, with a maximum of 8 children per instructor. The curriculum for each course is both thematic and sequential with constant review of previous material to ensure mastery of each new skill learned with heavy emphasis placed on speaking, listening, reading and writing (based on age level). Not only does our material emphasize exposure to songs, rhymes, games, art, and literature excerpts that are traditional to Latin America and Spain, but it also reinforces life science, reading comprehension topics, and math skills according to grade level.

Spanish for Heritage Speakers and Advanced Bilingual Speakers

CASA de ESPAÑOL strives to offer comprehensive programs that cater to the different needs of all of our students. Children who have grown up speaking Spanish at home, also known as “heritage speakers”, or non heritage speakers who have been enrolled in a bilingual program at their school benefit more from a curriculum that is designed to meet their unique needs. Like the other after school classes, students are taught Spanish through a variety of different age appropriate mediums that promote students’ confidence in their Spanish speaking abilities and simultaneously educate them on Latin American arts and culture. Classes for heritage speakers and advanced bilingual speakers are offered on Tuesday afternoons.

Spanish for Teens: Ages 12 - 16

Our Spanish for Teens program takes into consideration the needs of middle school and high school students who are looking for a complete Spanish language program to take along side or in place of high school Spanish. Classes meet once a week for an hour and thirty minutes and are highly dynamic and interactive, placing primary focus on speaking and oral comprehension. We currently offer classes at both the Basic I and II levels and ask that your student please take our placement exam to see which level is the best fit for him or her. Please contact us at to request a placement exam.

We are currently vendors for Visions in Education, Horizon, Summit Academy, and South Sutter Charter Schools. If your student is homeschooled through a different charter that offers a vendor option please let us know. We are happy to go through the application process to become a certified vendor for your student’s program.

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