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The Magic Behind the MethodIf you desire to learn to speak Spanish for free then we have some fun, effective lessons for you to use on your computer. You'll learn at your own pace without any pressure. We're so sure that you'll have success learning Spanish with these lessons that we back it up with a guarantee. And for anyone who purchases our complete course, we offer a 6-month money back guarantee. So what's the problem? Why haven't you started your free lessons yet? Learn to speak Spanish for free right now!

Customer Testimonial

"Thanks, Dave. I received your Visual Link Spanish sample CD last week. I thought it was great. At the beginning of the year I signed-up for a beginning Spanish class, sponsored by a local college. For me, this eight-week class seems disorganized and difficult, while my progress with the language has been frustrating and discouraging. On the other hand your sample CD gave me the immediate impression that Spanish can be taught with classic organization, providing students like me with step-by-step, encouraging progress. I only wish I had spent the money on your Visual Spanish course rather than this class. Our class meets for just two more weeks, ending March 21. I only wish I had sample CD's for all fifteen students. I bet they all would be interested in your course. Thanks!"

~ Jerry Kern

Make Fluency Your Goal

Visual Link® Languages has created these lessons to help you . Our goal is to show you how easily you can begin to learn Spanish and actually converse in Spanish. We teach you in a way that helps you to immediately begin speaking Spanish in complete sentences, not just random vocabulary words. We strive to keep you entertained and motivated while learning a new language because many of our customers have said that other courses are too dull and difficult to stick with. By keeping you motivated to continue learning, we expect you'll study more often which is the key to eventually becoming fluent in another language. We have several tools available to help you practice and study frequently, and you'll enjoy every minute of it! Fluency takes study and practice, but when a person is completely engaged in learning more information is learned and retained longer. As you learn to speak Spanish for free with these lessons, keep in mind how entertaining the lessons are. You might not even realize you're studying a new language!

If you goal isn't fluency and you're only concerned about learning the basics then you can begin with the free lessons above. You'll be able to impress friends and family very quickly with your new ability to form complete sentences in Spanish after you finish these lessons.

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